Track Your Child's Daily Progress

As a parent you are the most important person in a child's social and academic progress. We ask that  you follow your child's progress on a regular basis. How can you do that? It is easy! At the beginning of the year your child will be given an  INFORMATION LETTER to take home. The Pupil Path Parent Registration Pass Code is shown on the INFORMATION LETTER.  Please follow the instruction for logging on to Pupil Path. You can also download Pupil Path App and follow your child's progress on your cell phone. 

Report Cards

IS 171 distributes report cards four time a year. Report cards are distributed in middle of November, at the end of January and March, and finally, the last day of school.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher conferences are held four time a year. 

Evening of September 29th 

Evening and afternoon November 6th and 7th

Evening and afternoon March 12th and 13th

Evenings May 14th





Attendance Policy

-When a  student is absent, Ms. Johnson, our attendance teacher, will call the student's home. When a student is missing school on regular basis, Ms. Johnson will ask the parent to come to school for a conference.  When a student is absent from school a note from the parent explaining "WHY" must be given to Ms. Johnson. The  school year is 180 days. To pass to the next grade a student must attend school 170 days as well as pass each course of study.