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Middle School Student Success Center

Welcome to the Middle School Student Success Center!
Find all the need to knows about the High School Application process below:  


The Middle School Student Success Center, a center provided by the Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, provides workshops to help students and families at I.S. 171 and HPCS (although we have plans of expansion!) with the NYC high school application process. We do one on one counseling with each student and family to ensure we are attentive to what everyone wants and needs in a high school.  In 6th Grade, students will become exposed to early college and career awareness. In 7th Grade, students will discover high school interests and participate in SH SAT prep courses. And in 8th Grade, students will complete and submit high school applications with the help of the MSSSC counselors and our Youth Leaders.

High School Admissions Steps

Step 1: Get in contact with your direct school guidance counselor to obtain your MySchools account creation code

· If you have access to a computer, use the information given to you from your guidance counselor to make your account on and navigate schools based on your students interests

· If you do not have access to a computer or are not very tech savvy, make note of how far you are able to travel, academic interests, and preferred neighborhoods so your guidance counselor can better help you with choosing schools

Step 2: Order your list of schools from most to least preferred. You can put up to a maximum of 12 schools. Be sure to ask your counselor whether the school you’re interested in requires any additional application requirements such as:

· Auditions Schools

· Test Schools (Specialized)

· Report Cards (Screened Schools)

Step 3: Finalize list and any requirements by the end of Fall of your 8th grade year


Things to Note:

· Students are NOT guaranteed a spot in their first choice school; however, you should still list in order of your preference!

· Families should be satisfied with any school on the list, even if it’s the last school

· Students will only be matched to ONE school in the Spring of their 8th grade year

· Unless your child has an IEP, families should be expected to figure out their own transportation to get to and from school. If traveling is difficult for the family, please choose schools that are within walking distance

Important Dates