Cell Phones

The best decision a parent can make for his or her child is to keep the cell phone at home. It is a decision that shows the parent supports our teachers and is committed to ensuring his or her child succeeds in school.


Cell phones are a way of life, but in the school environment, cell phones have become a distraction, interruption, and a method of illegal exchange of information. The use of cell phone during class or text messaging prevents your child from learning. 

Student Cell Phone Usage

No student is allowed to use a cell phone from 8:10 AM  to 2:20 PM.  

First Warning

If a student uses a phone during schools hours, the teacher will ask the student to turn-off  the  phone and store it  in his or her book bag.  The teacher will make an entry on Pupil Path.

Second Warning

If the teacher asks student to turn-off the phone a second time, the student will be asked to give the phone to the teacher. The teacher will give the phone to their Assistant Principal. The student may collect the phone from the Assistant Principal at the end of the school day. The Assistant Principal will make an entry into Pupil Path.

Third Offense

The teacher will ask the student for the cell phone and have the Assistant Principal take the phone to the main office. The student's parent will be called and asked to come to the school. The parent will be given the phone and instructed to keep the cell phone at home for the remainder of the school year.